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How cows and other livestock are raised varies. A lot. The differences - from cattle raised regeneratively on grass to those fed in confinement for a vast portion of their lives - have impacts on animal and human health, environment and climate, and family farmer profits and well-being.


Recognition of the multiple benefits of regenerative and organic systems have driven the creation of new, high value markets for meat, eggs and milk. Yet parallel markets for leather, pet food and treats and other products that come from the "other half" of the same animals have been slower to emerge. This is problematic in many ways, from the lack of full utilization and waste, to the significantly lower returns farmers and ranchers receive for their efforts. 


We discovered that the demand is there for these products, but dedicated collection, aggregation, processing and marketing infrastructure that was traceable and based on verification was not. We founded Other Half Processing to change that, and bring new, high quality products to market that directly provide additional value to our farmer/rancher, processing and market partners. We have multiple options to source materials for your product needs.  

Traceable + Regenerative

Regenerative is where we start in our sourcing partnerships. OHP is able to source traceable byproducts from verified regenerative beef, dairy, bison, goat and sheep producers in the US and North America. We work with both existing third-party certified producers, as well as leading meat companies with strict grassfed/regenerative protocols. We also have relationships with regenerative producers, verifiers and marketing partners globally.

Traceable + Organic

Traceable, certified organic beef and dairy cow hides are available through OHP's relationships with organic farmers, ranchers and meat and milk companies.   

Traceable + ???

Interested in other traceable, verifiable sourcing? OHP can source verified materials associated with all major standards/certification systems, including ones associated with animial welfare, grassfed, Savory Land-to-Market, etc.  

Single Source

Where scale, branding and partners align, OHP is also able to offer traceable sourcing of byproducts from specific farms, ranches, or meat companies/brands. OHP works with many of the leading meat companies and larger scale regenerative and/or organic farms and ranchers in the US. This is an excellent option for local and regional companies utilizing byproducts that would like to co-brand or align with existing, recognized farms and ranches.

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