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Traceable + Ethical Byproduct Sourcing

Recognition of the benefits of regenerative, organic and other more ethical farming approaches is growing rapidly. Rocketing consumer demand for meat, eggs and milk produced under these systems has resulted in new and high-priced markets. Yet similar valuation of the "other half" of these animals - the hides, organs, bones and other byproducts of the meat processing - has been much slower to emerge.


This is problematic in many ways. Anything less than full utilization is inherently disrespect to the animal and those who take the care to raise them. No separation of these materials also means no ability for manufacturers and consumers to get better quality and traceable ingredient options. And, lower value equals lower returns per animal for farmers and ranchers, reducing the economic incentives to shift more land to regenerative, organic and related systems that have clear environmental and climate benefits for all of us.  


But demand is there for traceable and ethical leather, collagen, pet food, nutraceuticals, and the many things made from these ingredients. What has been missing was a company focused on dedicated collection, verification and marketing infrastructure, and providing real economic returns to the farmers/ranchers and others in the supply chain. Other Half Processing was founded to do just that.  


OHP works directly with regenerative farmers/ranchers and processors to verify, trace, aggregate and buy hides, leather and other meat processing byproducts. Core to our model is transparent and fair pricing and economic returns - to producers and other supply chain partners alike - which we believe is essential for a "regenerative" market claim. Whether you are a food, apparel, wellness, pet food/treat or other product manufacturer, OHP and its sourcing partners have a verified byproduct ingredient/raw material option to meet your needs.  

Traceable + Regenerative

Regenerative is where we started with our sourcing, and is where we have the broadest ongoing partnerships and work. OHP sourcez traceable byproducts from regenerative beef, dairy, bison, goat and sheep producers in the US and North America. We work with farmers and ranchers that both hold existing third-party certifications and those that follow other verifiable, regenerative protocols (private or otherwise).

Traceable + Organic

Traceable, certified organic (separate or in addition to regenerative) beef and dairy cow hides and other byproducts are available through OHP's sourcing relationships with organic farmers, ranchers and meat and dairy companies.   

Traceable + Animal Welfare

While basic animal welfare is foundational to regenerative and other standards, there are stand-alone animal welfare certifications that OHP partner farmers and ranchers hold and can be used as a primary source focus. 

Traceable + Single-Source, Geographic Specific, Etc.

OHP can source verified materials associated with all major standards and certification systems, including 100% Grassfed, Savory Land-to-Market, Certified Humane, etc. We can also source on a geographic basis, if a manufacturer desires materials from specific states, regions, etc.


Where scale and company interests aligns, OHP also offer traceable sourcing of byproducts from branded farms, ranches, or meat companies. This is an excellent option for local and regional manufacturers and brands that utilize byproducts and would like to co-brand with OHP's locally and nationally consumer recognized farms, ranches & meat company partners.

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