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Regenerative Matters

A report on the Climate & Agriculture connection written in 2009 by Jim Kleinschmit, OHP's CEO,  for the International Climate Meeting (COP) in Copenhagen.


Watch A Movie & Get Inspired

Kiss the Ground has created an inspiring film, narrated by Woody Harrelson that provides hope and solutions to regenerate the land and the planet. Watch the film to fill yourself with hope!


What is regenerative agriculture?

Regeneration International has created a downloadable paper defining regenerative agriculture, as well as comprehensive descriptions of the benefits including carbon draw-down and water cycle improvements.

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The Science of Soil Health

The Carbon Underground has curated an extensive list of the peer-reviewed research papers that underpin the validity of regenerative agriculture's claims with a clear focus on the (currently disrupted) carbon cycle.

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Regenerative Agriculture - a Win-Win-Win Climate Solution 

The Rodale Institute provides a free-access white paper that explores regenerative agriculture’s capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in a practical and cost-effective way.

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Regenerative Practices Explained

Green America provides a focus on the how of regenerative agriculture— diving more into the specific practices that farmers and gardeners alike can use to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also draw down excess carbon while bringing about many other ecosystem benefits at the farm and landscape level. 

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