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Most people are familiar with organic milk, grassfed beef and free-range eggs. Demand for these more sustainable foods is growing dramatically. But you don’t hear as much about grassfed leather or pet treats - products that come from the "other half" of the animal. We founded a company to change that.

Other Half Processing SBC produces identity-preserved, high value byproducts from grassfed, organic and other more sustainably raised animals. We do this because:

  • healthy, well-raised animals result in higher quality, healthier products

  • livestock deserve respect and humane treatment throughout their lives

  • regenerative, organic and other more sustainable farming and ranching systems are important

  • full utilization and zero waste need to be part of sustainable animal sector


We registered as a Specific Benefit Corporation (SBC) to ensure that production of these valuable materials and ingredients directly support the farmers, ranchers and Native American communities raising the animals in ways that benefit us all.


Who We Are

This Is Our Family Business

Jim and Mark Kleinschmit are brothers (and OHP co-founders) who grew up on a sustainable family farm in Northeast Nebraska.


Jim, CEO, spent much of the last 20 years working on sustainable agriculture policy and market development at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), and as an independent consultant. Jim has been extensively involved with organic, non-GMO and grassfed markets, supply chains, and systems. Through this work, he recognized the need and opportunity for sustainable byproducts, and decided to create Other Half Processing.


Mark, COO/CFO, followed a different route after the farm, acquiring a Ph.D. in Physics before joining a Fortune 500 company. In 14 years, he worked in a range of roles including Marketing Director, Business Development Director, operations and Product Development, and gained an MBA along the way.  As COO and CFO of Other Half Processing, Mark is using this background and expertise to guide operations and provide financial oversight.


Our Products Are Their Byproducts

All of our products are identity preserved from their sources:
Certified Organic Beef, Grassfed Beef or Bison.

Certified Hides or Leather
OHP can provide chilled or salted hides to the tannery of your choice. Hides will be certified American Grassfed (AGA), organic (dairy), or Bison. We are also willing to convert our certified hides into leather. We work with partner tanneries to produce vegetable tanned (chrome-free) or Leather Working Group (LWG) rated leather. All OHP leather is made to contract. Please contact us for more details.
Certified Dog Treats
We are currently able to collect frozen tendons, pizzles, tripe and other items from certified grassfed (American Grassfed Association) beef, organic dairy and bison. Please contact us if you are interested.
Our Partners

We partner with farmers, ranchers, meat processors, tanneries, non-profits, and brands to preserve the inherent value of treating animals, and our environment, responsibly.

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Contact Us

Other Half Processing, SBC is committed to business that is ethical and respectful of the animals and the people that raise them.  Our mission is to support the expansion of regenerative, sustainable agricultural systems and value chains.  We are looking to partner with like-minded brands, processors, product manufacturers and livestock producers and aggregators. If you share our passion and would like to learn more, please contact us.

Jim Kleinschmit


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